Black Walnut Hull (Juglans Nigra)

The black walnut hull is safe and gentle. The walnut tree is mostly found in Europe, N. America and Indian continents.

The tree has multiple uses for both humans and pets.

As a mild herb, it is available in tincture, extract or natural forms that are used both internally and externally.

Gastrointestinal Benefits of Black Walnut Hull

Due to its non-toxic properties, the extract is extensively used as a nutritional aid.

Black walnut can also be used to:

  • Relieve constipation
  • Treat indigestion
  • Treat diarrhoea
  • Eliminate internal parasites such as tapeworms
  • Counteract the excessive bleeding of the colon

    Chewing the bark of the black walnut gives a laxative feeling.

    Other Uses of Black Walnut Hull

    The bark of black walnut is commonly chewed to reduce the pain of toothache and headaches.

    A gargle made from black walnut extract in water may be used to treat mouth sores and sore throat.

    A similar liquid preparation can be used to disinfect injuries and treat skin conditions such as acne and ringworm.

    The treatment is achieved by rubbing the black walnut leaves to the parts of the skin affected by the ringworm.

    Other diseases treated using this herb include herpes and athlete’s foot.

    The extract from the Black Walnut has oxygenating abilities that help to burn excess toxins and fatty material.

    This enhances the blood circulation as the infusion from this tree helps to lower the blood pressure. The regulation of the blood sugar levels helps to reduce the risk of diabetes and other related diseases and internal body complications.

    The extracts from the Walnut has high content of organic iodine and tannins, which contain antiseptic properties. This property makes it an excellent repellent for fleas and an insecticide against bed bugs among other external parasites.

    Oils and saps from the walnut are used as food additives and excellent deserter for confectionery. In addition, juices are used for seasoning bread, squash and other foods. The tree sap has an excellent sweet taste hence it can be drunk or concentrated into sugar or syrup.

    In pets, black walnut is an excellent option for a de-worming. It is safer than the common convectional drugs.

    The danger of growing black walnut is that it produces chemicals, which are poisonous and inhibit the growth of other plants.

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