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Contribute to Shrewdly Informed Savvy Africans

Would you like to share your knowledge about shrewdly informed savvy Africans? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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My African Roots

About a month back, I had the good fortune to visit Kenya. My paternal Aunt, Linda lives there with her husband and has invited me over for a visit several

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Ways to Speed up Your Computer

Ways to Speed up Your Computer; It is true that a computer shows a decline in speed within a few years after its purchase. Cluttered computer memory, loads of application programs, pop-ups, viruses...

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Tips to Help Create More Time in Your Day

Tips to Help Create More Time in Your Day; Time management seems to be an issue in almost everyone's lives as there never seems to be enough time in the day to complete all of the day to day tasks.

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Cloud Computing Defined

Cloud Computing Defined; Cloud means Internet. The computing all takes place on the Internet – in place of the software you use executing on your desktop or laptop, it’s hosted on the Internet on a...

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Little Known Ways to Repair Your PC

Little Known Ways to Repair Your PC; Your PC become sluggish and you don’t know what to do. These are the top reasons and steps to speed up your computer.

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Internet Business Scams

Internet Business Scams; Internet has become the center of every technology-aware individual in the 21st century. With every positive, comes a negative. So, as Internet augmented an age of fast paced.

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Household Ways to Protect Your Computer From Viruses

Household Ways to Protect Your Computer From Viruses; Computer viruses are deadly. They often spread without any apparent contact and can be a nuisance, or even worse, fatal to your computer.

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Cleaning and Organizing Your Computer

Cleaning and Organizing Your Computer; There can be many items that slow down your computer. Perhaps the one most commonly overlooked is disorganization and clutter.

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Learn How to Type Faster

Learn How to Type Faster; Typing has now become an integral part of our everyday life. A few years back, only a handful of people i.e. those who were into data entry or professional typing were...

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How to Get Out of Debt

How to Get Out of Debt; Chances are, you’re reading this article because you've already amassed a fair amount of debt and you have no way out. However, as hard as it may seem to pull you out of a ton.

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The Purpose of Education

Education is the key to success because what it does is to replace an empty mind with an open one but to some unfortunately they do not access

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LIFE IS.............

LIFE IS.......... Life Is About That Courageously Taken Decision Followed By Strong Passion Though It Might Be For A Season, Acknowledge You Are The

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Productive Use of the Internet

Productive Use of the Internet; The internet has brought a transformation in many aspects of life. It is one of the biggest contributors in making the world a global village. Use of the internet has..

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How to Buy the Best Laptop

How to Buy the Best Laptop; With the ever changing face of modern technology, laptops have redefined the concept of mobile computing bringing into reality portability and ease of use.

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Computer Infections - Computer Viruses - Types of Computer Infection

Computer Infections; The most common infection signs are pop ups from windows taskbar. Other infections redirect the user to malicious websites which are often made to infect computers when visited.

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Basic Computer Terms

For those who are fairly new to computers, you may find the following list of basic computer terminologies useful. For easy reference, the list has been arranged alphabetically. Take time and learn.

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Buying Desktop Computers - What to Look for?

Buying Desktop Computers - What to Look for? The most notable technical aspects you MUST take into consideration include processing power, amount of memory, the hard drive, type of monitor, type of ..

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Alkiyumi Electric Supplier

Al Kiyumi Electric is one of the biggest electric products supplier in Oman. We have wider range of electrical equipements with assuarance on

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Vennasoft Internet Cafe - Fast and Organized Internet Services

We would like to inform our esteemed customers, that Centre for management of Modern Computing a product of Vennasoft is planning to shift to new

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Solutions to Particular Problems!

As every problem has a solution, every solution also a problem. If then things are like that shouldn't we easily get out of problems that we face

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Work at Home..!

There are so many sites Currently advertising the work-at-home business, but most of these are Junk Sites and will end up wasting your Precious

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My name is Jesse. Handsome guy with good character. I love making people happy especially people around me cos I'm a happy guy. Being good is

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Data Entry Jobs

Hi I have been looking for a legit online data entry jobs to no avail can you sugest any good program that on can join without having to pay upfront.

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Sports Gambling Takes Kampala by Storm

East African Business Week (Kampala) It is 10.30 am, as I enter Mukwano shopping centre in Kampala's central business district, I am

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Youthful Ventures: Deathly Tendencies in Unprotected Sexual Intercourse

Youthful ventures “Deadly Tendencies in Unprotected Sex” A 5 minute discussion with Mr. HIV. As I paraded the university campus in

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E.A Federation Sensitization Under Way

Efforts are underway to sensitize the East African population about the benefits of fast tracking the East African Federation. This was revealed

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Bad Leadership Killing Varsity Education

The news of Kyambogo University strike and subsequent closure has caused a lot of hullabaloo among the public. There have been several

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Rizubi Japan Used Cars Exporter and Auction Agent

Reliable Japan Used Cars & Const. Equipment Exporter Since 1991 to Worldwide, We are member of all Japan Used Cars/Equipment Auctions, Join Free

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Custom Made Leather Goods

Just express your wants and we will tailor make it for you. We custom design very apparel for our customers at the most cost effective rates.

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