Solutions to Particular Problems!

by Rushya Mulekezi Theogene Timothy
(Kampala -Uganda)

As every problem has a solution, every solution also a problem. If then things are like that shouldn't we easily get out of problems that we face in our daily lives though some times or most of the time we even call general life of mankind problems?

What should be the best definition for such things? occurrence? challenges? unexpected failings? or what? every human being seeks for comfortability in life no matter what!but what comfort? Many of us or different people understand it in different ways,like in terms of wealth i.e owning great riches but is it true?

Many have even gone a head to even ending their fellow's live simply because they want wealth!! Is everybody meant to be rich or poor? Some have gone ahead to use religion, scriptural books.

"what most of us miss in life is to have some time for our life meditation" we instead keep on desiring what others are or what they have as a result we end up using any available means to be like them! This isn't bad but what is bad is how we use that time between desires and the moment of attainment, means we use to get where we want.

Nobody chooses to be what he or she is, it is only by hard work faith, trustworthy, and self belief that makes who you are or who you are to be. We must try to avoid so many questions as many marks as they are in this text even more than. unless one believes in him or herself success of his desires may never be fulfilled until the end of his life.

If people believe that are created in God's image in what faith(s) they profess, we must then think if a fellow man woke up one day and made a computer, a TV, a radio and many other technological devices and many other things what about me?! what can I do? it is all by focus and put that focus in reality.

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