My African Roots

About a month back, I had the good fortune to visit Kenya. My paternal Aunt, Linda lives there with her husband and has invited me over for a visit several times. This time I decided to accept her offer and went. Linda lives in Nairobi which is one of the main metropolitan cities of Kenya. The minute I stepped off the plane, I experienced a different sensation all together. The atmosphere was alive and refreshing. The greenery everywhere was soothing. I really felt like I was part of my ancestry. Weird but wonderful!

My Aunt took me for sight seeing nearly every day and I had a wonderful time. I learned a few basic phrases in 'Swahili'. I also liked the food especially Ugali. It tasted so much better there than when my mom makes it. Ugali is basically a cornmeal loaf or bread
that is baked and can be eaten with curry or vegetables. Linda had been living in Kenya for a long time, so she is a great cook. I took some cooking classes from her.

The holiday was well spent and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. A few days after I returned, I invited my friends for lunch on a Sunday. I prepared the entire Kenyan menu myself. My African holiday lessons
had made me an expert. My friends were impressed with my abilities. We had a great time as I told stories about my experiences. I learned so much about my African roots.

This trip was my first time to Africa. I would love to go back and work there. I love the name of your site, Savvy African. That's what I want to be, too.

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