Little Known Ways to Repair Your PC

Your PC become sluggish and you don’t know what to do. These are the top reasons and steps to speed up your computer.

Defragmenting PC's memory

Over the time and with regular use, files and folders on your PC's memory break down or become fragmented. This can cause your system to run more slowly and to experience processing problems.

By defragging your memory it will allow files to be accessed more efficiently as it puts your data back into chronologically order. I recommend you to get out of any applications before defragging a memory, just to be safe.

Unwanted installed programs

Sometimes, newly installed software and programs could be the reason of PC slowing down. Over the time a lot of your hard drive space could just be occupied by unwanted programs, such as old programs that you just left them on your PC.

Over time these programs add up and you probably don’t know that this is slowing down your PC! Not only it will improve performance but you will also have more room for data you need.

Another thing you can check out your start up menu for unwanted programs, and keep the ones you need more often.

Upgrade your memory

If your PC is slow and no matter what you do it is still the same, instead of buying a new one why not think about upgrading.

So what is the easiest way you can upgrade and at the same time gets significant improvement? Well you will be surprised how some extra RAM will significantly speed up you PC.

Registry need to be cleaned

Windows Registry is a huge bank of information about everything that's going on in your computer. Whatever you do on your PC the registry gets involved. We can say that the Registry is a bit like the nerve center of your PC.

Problems in the registry begin when you uninstall a program, delete a folder or do any one of a number of pretty ordinary tasks that we do every day. Registry doesn't do a very good job at optimizing and cleaning itself. And bits get left uncleaned.

So what can you do about it? All you need to do is to download a Registry cleaning software (most are free) and follow the instructions.

Your PC got infected

Don't forget to do a virus and spyware scan as this does not just protect you data and private information but may also help to speed up your PC.

By: Mugambi Lloyd Kevin (