Blue Vervain

Blue vervain is also known by various other names such as wild hyssop, traveller’s joy, American vervain, false vervain, Indian hyssop, purvain, simpler's joy etc.

It is said to have the ability to help nourish the digestive, nervous and respiratory systems.

It has antidiarrheal effects and strengthens the body against the organisms, which promote flu, coughs and colds.

Blue Vervain seeds are edible when roasted. They are ground into a powder and used as Indian flour. It had many uses in Native American culture as food and medication.

The infusion of vervain is used to help pass kidney stones. It is also used for infections of the bladder as well as insomnia and other nervous conditions.

It is also useful for colic especially in combination with chamomile, liquorice, fennel, and lemon balm.

Traditionally, herbalists used vervain to improve digestion and spastic pains in the gastrointestinal tract. It was also used to treat people with depression and various female reproductive system problems.

Vervain acts as a diaphoretic. This means that it helps the body eliminate toxins through the pores by increasing perspiration.

Blue Vervain Side Effects

No adverse effects of vervain have been reported. However, it is better avoided during pregnancy or used under medical guidance.