Chamomile Tea Benefits: Chamomile Herbs & Flowers

Chamomile tea benefits to the digestive system and gastrointestinal conditions include soothing menstrual cramps, soothing bowel inflammation and alleviating heartburn.

The term Chamomile or Camomile is ambiguous. It refers to several distinct species.

The species whose health benefits are discussed here are the chamomile Anthemis nobilis or Chamaemelum nobile, also known as English or Roman Chamomile and the annual Matricaria recutita also known as German or Wild chamomile.

Chamomile is a soothing and gentle relaxant. The herb has a satisfying, apple like aroma and flavour. It is most frequently taken as a delicious, mild therapeutic tea.

Other forms include tincture, oil, lotion, cream and capsules. Chamomile may be used internally or externally.

Chamomile’s healing properties come from its daisy like flowers. The flowers contain volatile oils such as bisabolol, bisabolol oxides A and B, and matricin. They also contain flavonoids such as apinegin and other therapeutic substances.

Chamomile health benefits include the following:

  • It treats diverticular disease, irritable bowel problems, crohn's disease, gastritis and other gastrointestinal complaints. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. These help relax the smooth muscles lining the stomach and intestine.

  • Chamomile’s ability to relax the smooth muscles of the uterus helps ease the discomfort associated with menstrual cramping.

  • Chamomile tea helps relieve nausea, heartburn, and stress-related flatulence.

  • It aids digestion when taken as a tea after meals.

  • It relieves morning sickness during pregnancy.

  • It promotes general relaxation and relieves stress.

  • Chamomile controls insomnia. Its mildly sedating and muscle-relaxing effects help those who suffer from insomnia to fall asleep easily.

  • It soothes skin rashes, eczema, minor burns and sunburn.

  • Cooled chamomile tea can be used to help soothe tired irritated eyes, eye inflammation and eye infections. It may also help treat conjunctivitis.

  • Chamomile mouthwash will help soothe mouth inflammations, mouth sores, keep gums healthy and prevent gum disease.

    To make and experience Chamomile tea benefits; use 2 teaspoons of dried flowers for every 8 ounces of water.

    Pour very hot water over the flowers, steep for 5 minutes, and then strain. Do not use boiling water.

    Each cup of tea prepared from chamomile contains a small percentage of the herb’s therapeutic volatile oils.

    Chamomile tea benefits are therefore cumulative. To get the most out of it, it should be drunk often, even if you are not suffering from a specific ailment.

    Chamomile Side Effects

    Chamomile is largely very safe and non-toxic. Side effects are very rare. If taken at recommended dosages, you can use it long-term without risk.

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