Learn how to Flatten the Stomach Fast

We all want to flatten the stomach. It is important for self esteem and the way we feel about ourselves.

The stomach is however one of the most problematic areas of you body as far as losing fat is concerned.

There are plenty of ab exercise machines that do not do much to help you achieve a perfect flat stomach.

The reason is that ab machines tend to tone muscles. A fat stomach is however not caused by un toned muscles but by the excess fat covering it.

Burning the excess layers of fat on the stomach and getting a toned tummy are different goals. The two goals require different approaches.

In addition, it is important to distinguish between a flabby stomach and the fat stored in the lower abdominal region.

The stomach may not be the problem but the lower abdominal region.

Where excess fat is stored on the tummy, exercise plays an important part but you can never stop reduce the fat on only one part of your body.

Weight needs to be lost from all parts of the body at the same time.

It is therefore vital to combine stomach exercises with eating the right kinds of foods.

This will not only keep your stomach flatter but also improve your well being. A plan of overall weight reduction and exercises which help burn calories and increase overall muscle mass is very effective.

Fat is excess calories and is commonly stored in layers on top of muscle tissue. Muscle on the other hand is made up of fibres that contract in order to effect bodily movement.

Muscles cannot convert into fat and fat cannot convert into muscle. You can however lose muscle and accumulate fat over time.

If your goal is to have a thin waist line and flatten the stomach, you need to eliminate the layers of fat that cover your stomach with a combination of exercises and healthy eating.

A healthy diet with a smaller number of calories than the body requires will help burn fat from all over the body including the stomach area.

Taking food with lower calories over several months allows the body to get into a fat burning mode and reduce fat around the stomach steadily.

Aerobic exercise does help burn fat including the layers of fat on the stomach. After the fat on the stomach is lost, a toned stomach can be achieved very quickly by using the best exercises that place direct stress on the stomach muscles.

Crunches do very well in helping to flatten the stomach. A combination of crunches, sit ups, side bends, side crunches, trunk rotations and standing twists works even better. It is important to exercise the side of the stomach as well as the front abs.

Yet another vital part of exercise regimes that help flatten the stomach is cardio workouts.

These if done correctly increase the body’s metabolism. That means the body is less likely to store any excess calories as body fat since the elevated metabolism gets rid of the excess calories.

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