How to Write a CV

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression"

How to Write a CV: The following is a list of some suggestions for a better CV. It is in a simple do & do not format. These should help you prepare an outstanding curriculum vitae.


  • Keep your CV simple and easy to read with well demarcated sections.

  • Use bullet points. Bulleted points are a great way to save space and add impact. They are effective and easy to read.

  • Thoroughly check spelling and grammar. Ask friends or colleagues to read through your CV. They can easily spot obvious errors. Spelling or grammatical mistakes suggest poor attention to detail and makes a poor impression.

  • Balance content versus length. A two page CV is ideal, but do not use ridiculously small text to accommodate two pages, an extra page will do no harm.

  • Adjust the CV to suit the role. CVs with specific roles in mind are always more successful than general CV‘s.

  • Sell your skills and all the benefits you have to offer the employer.

  • Treat your CV as work in progress and give it a polish often.

    Do Not

  • Do not write in shorthand, text talk, ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, poor or broken English.

  • Do not add your photo to your CV. You will be hired because of your skills not looks.

  • Do not have an overly elaborate or stylistic CV. Avoid a multitude of colour and a range of fonts. Use time on CV content not CV design.

  • Do not insert trivial details like what primary school you went to, place of birth or marital status.

  • Do not include humour.

  • Do not undersell yourself. If you have something marketable, then indicate it in a clear and concise manner.

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