How to Lose Belly Fat Without Doing Many Exercises

  • Eat frequent and smaller meals. Your metabolism receives a boost every time you eat something. Your body also process smaller meals more efficiently.

  • Do not starve yourself. When you get very hungry, you have a greater tendency to overeat during meal times. Your metabolism also slows down dramatically when you are in starvation mode.

  • Drink water regularly. Regular water intake flushes away waste products in the body.

  • Eat more proteins such as chicken, fish, eggs, dairy, groundnuts, beans, pork, lean red meats, etc. Your body burns more calories processing protein than carbohydrates or fats.

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift/elevator. This adds more physical activity to your schedule. It will also can enhance your activity level and help you burn more calories effortlessly.

  • Add more fibre to your diet. Fibre is very filling and you therefore get full sooner. The feeling of fullness will also last a long time.

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