Luo Han Guo Fruit

Luo han guo is a very sweet fruit from the plant Siraitia grosvenori, formerly known as Momordica governor. It belongs to the pumpkin family.

The fruit is commonly grown in the Guanxii province, southern China.

Luo han guo fruit is also known as Luo Han Kao, Luo han kuo, lo han kuo or Lo Han Kao and sometimes Arhat.

The fruit is three hundred times sweeter than regular sugar. However, it hardly has any calories. It is used as a flavour-filled natural sweetener.

It is also used to add an extraordinary flavour to tea. The fruit is harvested when green, seeded and then dried before being used in tea, soup or other foods.

Luo han guo health benefits include:

  • The fruit relieves constipation. Eating the fruit induces regular bowel movements.

  • The extract can be used as a healthy alternative to sugar.

  • Extracts relieve congestion of the lungs and are remedy for sore throats, coughs and other flu-related illnesses.

  • The extract from the fruit has antioxidant properties that help prevent cancer and purify the blood.

  • It increases vitality and longevity.

  • The extract is recommended for alleviating headaches.

  • The fruits are known to prevent heatstroke and cooling the body in hot climates.

  • Luo Han Kao is a time-tested remedy for pneumonia and the common cold.

  • Diabetics can use this fruit to control diabetes. It does not cause extreme fluctuations in blood sugar.

    The Luo han guo fruit can be used in both drinks and cooked food.

    Take several fruits and boil them until a sweet, concentrated liquid remains. Store the concentrate in a cool place and use it as a substitute for both sugar and honey.

    Cooking with extracts from the Luo han guo fruit provides great health benefits for invalids and people infected by the HIV virus. The fruit contains high amounts of amino acids, fructose, vitamins and minerals.

    Its nutrients are not destroyed during cooking. Its flavour and sweetness are not affected by heating or cooling thus making it a versatile fruit to use.

    Luo han guo fruit extracts have been approved for everyday human consumption by the American Food and Drug Administration.

    Luo han guo has no known side effects.

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