Best Stomach Ulcers Diet

The aim of any stomach ulcers diet should be to help decrease gastric irritation, decrease gastric acid secretion and provide adequate nutrition.

Stress and diet do not cause ulcers. Helicobacter pylori are the most common cause. However, the right diet will help reduce the symptoms.

You should eat foods that you can tolerate and that make you feel better. They should be mildly flavoured and easy to digest.

In addition to a good diet, incorporate regular exercises to your schedule, get rid of worries and stay cheerful.

There is no one correct diet for every individual with stomach problems and ulcers.

The following stomach ulcers diet guidelines will however help neutralizing excess gastric acid and prevent side effects such as heartburn.

  • Eat small meals throughout the day and evenly space them out. Small meals enable stomach contents to be constantly diluted and neutralized. They also help you avoid periods of hunger, overfilling the stomach and causing abdominal distention.

  • Eat your food slowly and in a calm environment. In addition, make sure you chew your food well.

  • Stop smoking cigarettes and avoid alcohol.

  • Avoid eating within 3 hours before bedtime. Bedtime meals can cause gastric acid secretion during the night.

  • Avoid repeated use of aspirin as well as NSAID’s. These are likely to damage the stomach lining.

  • Avoid foods and beverages containing caffeine. These include coffee, tea, and colas, cocoa and chocolate. Foods and drinks with caffeine can increase the amount of gastric acid production unless taken in moderation.

  • Restrict your intake of tomatoes, tomato juice, fatty foods, and citrus juices especially if they cause heartburn or pain in your oesophagus.

  • Avoid seasonings such as onions, garlic, cinnamon, and cloves if they upset your stomach.

  • Avoid excessive spices, black and red pepper, chillies, chilli powder, and hot peppers. These may irritate the stomach lining.

  • Take in some proteins such as milk, meat, egg and cheese at each meal.

  • Other healthy options for stomach ulcers diet include butter, fruits, fresh and boiled vegetables as well as natural foods.

  • Avoid fried foods.

  • Grapefruit extract can help to heal stomach ulcers according to research. However, grapefruit juice can interact with some drugs such as cholesterol-reducing statins and calcium channel blockers normally given to heart patients.

  • A tablespoon of active manuka honey taken in the morning and at night or applied on bread may provide stomach relief.

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