A Noble Idea, A Struggle to Raise Capital

by Anthony N. Mwangi
(Chuka, Eastern Kenya.)

Ahshante sana! for very informative newsletter. I have always been reading them and all I can say is that this is the only place I have been able to siphon so much knowledge.

Well I have not managed to get a scholarship a thing that have created a void that have been quickly occupied by self employment. I am seriously thinking of self employment and this newsletter has come at the right time. Am a mechanical engineer though at a lower level but I have done my feasibility study and found out that the qualified engineering clique have gone for being employed rather starting up own engineering shops.

And this have lead to a situation where by the customers have been left at the mercy of jua kali guys. I am seriously thinking and in the process of starting up an engineering shop but, now, my major hurdle is to raise enough capital to put up an engineering shop.

If there is a way I can get incentives to boost me the better for me. However I will not relent until am fully started.

I have one more query, my younger brother dropped from university where he was undertaking a diploma in clinical medicine and surgery. He was studying in Uganda and he actually dropped when he was almost through with the course. Where can we get the financing so that he can complete his studies.i.e about $1300 only.

I will be glad to learn from you soon.
A.N. Mwangi

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