Action Anthropologist

by Ainebyona Gerald
(Kampala, Uganda.)

Some people have always wondered why African women in general have never enjoyed equality with men. It is still worrying the current generation especially in the locality.

According to the research I have made myself, this has been a cultural epidemic from time immemorial. Africa is a patriarchal continent and for this matter, women have been psychologically affected thinking that they can never do certain activities done by men which is not the case.

Non recognition of a woman has not only been noticed in Africa but the rest of the world. Sources say that European women had some time back been referred to as slow witted creatures. A Professor Of Mathematics at Makerere University told me two day ago that the first woman professor, a nationalist of Russia was denied that chance to become one in her own country. It is only when she went to work in Sweden that she was recognised as a professor.

A woman's work has been associated with only the kitchen and nothing else. Slowly by slowly, the introduction of ITC came with a drastic change involving affirmative action towards women development.

Some African women today think that they have been emancipated and therefore think they can do anything they want and at any time and in any place.

To my observation, It has been women emancipation in theory but in practice, it is a dream. African women have never been emancipated. They are never free at any one moment. In fact everything is decided for them including the dresses they should put on, together with the aspirations they should cherish. This has become a great impediment towards women development in Africa.

There is therefore need for participant intervention in order to create self-help African communities.

Ainebyona Gerald.

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