Advent of Internet in Ghana

by Charlotte Esenam Bani
(Ghana- Accra)

Advent of Internet in Ghana, Blessing or Curse?

Some years ago, internet, a high technologically advancement in information technology was unprecedented but in recent times it has gained so much grounds and has reached the doorstep of most individuals across continents. Ghana is therefore not an exception to this proliferation of internet.

The introduction of internet to Ghana some few years ago has brought a lot of change. Gone are the days when people have to send letters through postings which delay for a number of days before reaching the recipient or sometimes may not even reach the recipient due to institutional rigidities. But through the out-dooring of internet services, we can sit behind computers and within seconds letters are delivered, this has really facilitated business transactions.

Internet has made it possible to have access to the international market, people can now sit at the comfort of their homes and shop on-line.

Moreover, most people are tapping several information from the outside world through various educational programmes advertised and taking place on-line. Researchers are showering accolades to the internet provisions services since it has helped them to save a lot of time and energy and has brought about excellent researches in many areas.

To this end, we can explicitly see the bright side of internet service delivery and it is cogent that it is moving the world economy to a common goal and enhancing globalisation. In a nutshell, it has made it possible for us to see through the windows of most developed countries.

Not withstanding the positive impact that the internet delivery has brought to our lives, there is a counter argument that it has engendered many negative ramifications into our body politic.

Since the introduction of internet services, crime wave in Ghana is becoming alarming, this is reflected through the many dubious means that people use to buy credit numbers of client credit cards from hotels and purchase items on-line in the name of these clients, this unfortunate act is crippling foreign investment opportunities in the country and deterring many prospective developments.

The other wave of the crime is internet fraud which is on its ascendency in recent times. Most people especially the youth are now making quick and fast money through this act of duping people on line. This means of getting rich by cutting corners is killing many initiatives and creativity in the youth and therefore polluting our humane society.

However this internet disease has eaten into the fabric of our moral discipline and has decayed the moral standards of most people in the country since it has become a means of viewing pornographic materials. The junior youth are found seriously searching through the internet ostensibly to view these appalling pictures, this has made them susceptible to all forms of debauchery acts. A recent report from the daily graphic showcased an old British citizen who visited the country claiming to have a young pen-friend and sodomised his pen pal.

This leaves us no other choice than to ask ourselves whether the proliferation of internet services is doing us more harm than good and this aggravates the argument of internet services being blessing or curse, which becomes an unabated discussion.
By: Charlotte Esenam Bani

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Mar 28, 2008
Stats Absent
by: Anonymous

Well done your article is good but lacking statistical facts to answer your question....lot of thanks.

Adam - Ukrane

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