Business in Africa

by Concillia

I am 27 years old and would like to start a business of my own but have no idea of what that business is. I am newly employed as a secretary in the Government of Kenya - Nairobi.

You have talked of starting a website, how will I get income from that; I mean, how do I get cash (profit), who gives it to me? I don't understand how transaction is done on the web. Kindly explain.

I really would like to start a business as soon as possible because we are orphans and now am a bread winner in a family of 8.

Kindly help me. Thank you and may God bless you. My name is Concillia (Miss) and I love Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I am born again.


If you carefully read the various e-books and links I have given, you will understand the process.

If I am to put it in a very simple way, you see Google adverts on all my website. Every time someone clicks on the advertisement, I earn some money from it. The same applies to Kontera ads and other adverts on the website.

If your earnings from previous month exceed $100 for Google, you get paid this month.

Normally Google deposits the money directly in our bank accounts for those of us in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and other countries in Europe. You can also opt to receive a check.

Google send thousands of checks to Nairobi for those who are running similar businesses there. Nowadays, it is possible to collect your earnings from Western Union in any town.

I have also received and used Kontera checks in Kenya, so I know it works. It takes 21 - 28 days for the international check to clear in Kenyan banks but I have known them to clear in under 14 days.


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