Democracy a Liability

by Mbugua Dominic Mundia
(Kiambu Kenya)

I think so much have happened for the last sand of years and the best that can be done to keep the legacy alive and available is only by learning, avoiding the mistake and recurring the better and the best, when you start to think where to start and where to end,one begins to wonder how human life is made up of strings, series and stages of life which each carries different meanings,
interpretations, dimensions and directions.

I bet that nobody would like to describe his or her own life with a negative statement but good enough we all confess joy and happiness but later seek for penance, repentance and reconciliation yet our ultimate goal is to solicit and beckon good styles of life at all cost.

When I was young I never used to think but I used to be told but later in life I was not only forced to think but also to act and think when people want and when I perceive it appropriate and right to do so. Where to begin and end is a matter of when I was born and how much the world have integrated and made history look like just a mere puppet to be manipulated by them who can be able to ridicule the others with an overall intention of making others succumb to a distorted history which is stressed and compressed and full of hyperboles which are assimilated and symbolised to fit the current fading history that can be described by one sentence and by one person and that is Francis Fukuyama the end of human history, this invention was spearheaded by the western countries during the advent of the great and dwindling democracy.

In fact democracy is a toy and a doll made in the west and used in satellite states to amuse and amaze the despotic leaders who got this unpleasant and undesirable psychological torture from the former colonies who worked tires sly and slowly to ensure that their exploitative countries gets raw materials and high economic growth rate and development in the expense of the third set of world typology, the existing fantasized and envied economic growth in the west can be attributed to less virtues in their respective faculties and high magnitude of vices in their wrongful and self –made conscious which contravene the nature of the human longevity and fosters the Bismarck theory of dictatorship the end justify the means.

I will be very remorseful to shake a hand with democracy since it is infected with contagious democratic viruses which has led to the destruction of some of the organically enacted and inherited constitutions in the world by sweeping off and undermining various states in the world even when they stand out to be autonomous by the virtue of sovereignty of the people and supremacy of the constitution, new order in the world since the birth of war giggles and jigs with new tortures and intense violence for violence begets violence.

The naivety and the triviality of democracy has prematurely given birth to incubated privatization which has witnessed to that the less developing countries have desperately and exploitatively auction all their natural endowments and political identities not to the "blacks" but to the conspiring traitorous and treacherous black natives whose grafted and grabbed accounts,land and labour will last them as long they keep their pledges and alliance to the denominated half of north America states and the lest of G8, democracy promotes misuse and abuse of the human right conventions and protocols which are inherent and worth to be upheld instead they are overtly violated both by the state and western succumbed egoistic and lewd individuals.

Democracy is an ageing and sickening eagle that promotes western ideologies, policies and subordination with the rails of sanctions and embargoes.

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Mar 19, 2008
let bygones be bygones.
by: joe

Democracy is defined by some as the rule of majority-without regard to whether the majority are wrong or right. However, I believe it has principles that are noble and the problem lies with the nature of man as an intrinsic evil!The freedoms and rights promoted by democracy if respected, we wouldn't be having a problem with democracy.

If leaders from the biggest democracies;India and others led young democracies as positive models,we wouldn't be justifying wrongs, evils, oppression, and other vices by shouting with; "if you are doing it, why criticise us" slogans.

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