Humble African

by Salifu Ablie Jallow
(Wellingara, The Gambia)

Ooooh! This humble African
Am on this land I trouble no one
My desire is to make no problem with no one
Non-interference and not so political

Even though some say am a rebellious son of man
But I know I was born and commanded to love
And show utmost kindness to my mother and my father
Lift up my brother and sister and never put them down
But every time I try to speak for my justice
There is someone that will name me this rebel still

Only God Alone truly knows who I am
And so I pray to God earnestly
To please let me live honestly
To love my people is all I need
I need no riches just harmony

Though the devil is around us up to the last hour
Like a hungry eagle flying through the sky
Looking for a weak a soul to devour
So God please do not let him catch us

I know that wickedness will prevail only for a little while
And no matter what is said or done I still remain
Because I know who I am and where I belong
A true son of Africa the land of the smiling coast
What life teaches us is to love and not to boast

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Mar 15, 2008
Keep it up
by: Anonymous

Indeed you are a true son of Africa

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