Marriage in Africa

by Opir Charles
(Kampla Uganda Am living in a town call Arua )

What is marriage or why are people involved in marriage. Is it for pleasure or just for enjoyment. According to me marriage is joining together in order to make or have or create a family.

Some people take a woman to help in cooking and other things. Other take a woman to produce for them children which is not right.

Please lets take marriage to be some thing which is very serious in our lives.


May God bless you all.

By Opira Charles.

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Jul 18, 2008
Marriage in Africa
by: Anonymous

Marriage was not meant for pleasure or enjoyment it was for happiness, there is a difference between happiness and pleasure. What is seen today marriage is for social pleasure and enjoyments.

That is why there are a lot of divorces because people marry for pleasure of few days or months not even years and they separate and to unhappy life.

We have to change our behaviour and this is possible if we become God fearing people. Marriage by definition is a God blessed act passed down in the church to make people happy and make families for human generation but wonderful enough people have changed it to civil union (mating like animals) just for pleasure and enjoyment this results to unhappy world. People should be helped to grow as followers of Jesus otherwise we are perishing.


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