Music and Its Benefits

by Gachau
(Nairobi, Kenya)

Many term it as the food for the soul whereas others term it as consolation in the hard and low times. Some also say that it also calms the nerves when one is tense.

Music since time immemorial was meant to be a consolation in the low times for instance the Almighty is worshipped 24 hours daily by the saints proclaiming holy!holy! And Saul the 1st king of Israel had David play the harp whenever he was tormented by an evil spirit.

Songs are often sang for various occasions for instance there are: Dirges for the funerals, secular/ contemporary for the dance halls , gospel for exalting the Almighty, rock for the high life party goers, oldies for the old guards of the 1970’s and 80’s. Music soothes the mind of all and especially for the young ones as it puts them to sleep with so much ease. It can also be termed as a motivator since it enables some to work more efficiently when music being played in the background and am of these types.

Music is indeed food for the soul since various accompaniments are used when its being played to make it more and more appealing for instance some use modern technology as back up whereas others have resulted t the use of dance troupes and some are known by heir various dance troupes or their dance types. Some have even taken it as a career and this is for the record that they are doing quite okay and so for those of the west part of the globe.

Their impact has been so rife that they have impacted our young upcoming blood in all ways and especially the erosion of our morals and ethics all in the aim of being sophisticated. No wonder they have become so enticed in this arena that even some are walking nude whereas others are defying all odds by doing what that is deemed normally unacceptable.

Usually since this high life of partying is often done at night. Some teens run away in the wee hours of the night just to be at these festivals and whatever that goes on there only nature knows since some are so unacceptable. No wonder music halls are been branded as dens of harlotism, drug peddling, murder, burglary and so on. That is why most folks are adamant to grant their progeny a go ahead to attend such places.

But just any other in thing it has its own share of pros and cons.

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