Nigeria Islam Vs Western Civilization

by Musa Achimigu

The northern part of federal republic of Nigeria is predominantly a Muslim domain, where culture is looked upon with undisguised suspicion to western civilization and education.

Despite numerous effort by the state , federal government and non governmental organisations to advance the cause of literacy among the ever increasing population, progress is definitely small or negligible.

Doubtless the administration, previous and contemporary take this situation to their own advantage. Persecuting directly through sanctions or indirectly by trying to discredit the honourable intent of those enlightened individuals bent on changing the status quo.

The northern society is characterised by die hard Muslim fanatics and the moderates who for once have achieved a consensus and regard to the perceived threat of westernisation, branding most innovation by the western society life comfortable as civil plots designed to leave Muslims into the worldwide system propagated by the western democracies, with the ultimate aim of derailing their faith and a gradual if not spontaneous conversion to western ideals and doctrines.

In contradiction to a Quoranic verses which urge Muslims to look for knowledge even if it means going to uncharted places. One finds that the Muslim ulama`s are hell bent on overlooking this command from Allah to serve their selfish purposes.

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Mar 30, 2015
Misinformation NEW

Peace ,the problem with all organized religion is not following the pristine "Divine system of right living in submission to the Almighty Creator." This brings to the the fore front the fanatical ,violent behavior of those self styled Islamist fanatics,as they do not follow the Holy Qur'an,but man made laws and teachings taken from other religions example(1)There is no death penalty in the Qur'an by stoning or any other means for adultery (Sura 24:1-3Sura 4:25,Sura17:32,)(2)There is no death penalty for any unnatural offenses for male or female in the Qur'an - (Sura 4:15,16)(3)There is no death penalty in the Qur'an for apostasy (Sura 4:137,138,Sura3:86-91,177,Sura47:25,Sura 63:3,)(4)There is no death penalty for blasphemy in the Qur'an - (Sura7:89,Sura 9:3261:8,Sura19:88-92,)(5)There is no compulsion in religion in the Qur'an -(Sura 2:256,Sura10:100,Sura13:11,and more,every place in the Qur'an where stoning is mentioned it is the unbelievers threatening the Prophets and believers ,Muslims need to get back to the Book of Allah the Glorious Qur'an which does not support all this unnecessary violence,pain,suffering and death,as Prophet Muhammad was not like that,all those things not found in the Qur'an are man made and Prophet Muhammad only taught what was revealed to him and he was obedient to Allah(Sura10:15,Sura6:155, Sura 7:203,Sura6:115,Sura 43:43,69,Sura 4:60-64, Sura 10:109,Sura 33:2,Sura43:43,68,69,Sura46:9,Sura 5:104,Sura47:2,3,)All those non Islamic teachings can be found in the Bible example(1)Death by stoning for adultery Deuteronomy 22:22-24,Ezekiel 16:38-40,(2)Death by stoning for homosexuality Leviticus 20:13,(3)Death by stoning for Apostasy -Leviticus 20:20,Deuteronomy 13:6-10,(4)Death by stoning for Blasphemy-Leviticus 24:11,14,16,So all those fanatical Muslims who are killing other Muslims ,Christians and People of other faiths without any just cause and no authority from the Qur'an are disobeying Allah and the Prophet Muhammad, as he received one Book from Allah and he delivered One book to humanity,he never authorized or delivered any other books as there is no book of Muhammad as he never wrote any book,as the Qur'an is the Revelation from Allah and that is what he delivered.Those committing all those atrocities need to stop and think,as they are placing questionable traditions and hearsay above the Book of Allah,as clearly what they are doing is wrong and in closing ,the Qur'an says suicide and unjust killings are wrong and sinful Sura 2:195,Sura 4:29 condemns suicide,Sura 5:30,32,Sura6:137,140,151,Sura 17:31,33,Sura 25:68,condemn killing innocent people,killing unjustly.True Islam is not following wrong ancestral traditions regardless of how old they are, ancestral traditions do not supersede the Qur'an -Sura 2:170,Sura 6:116,Sura 10:78,Allah does not support shameful acts -Sura7:28,So please be obedient and be consistent follow the Book of Allah,the Qur'an and be rightly guided,thamk you,Tayo.

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