Once Bitten (Beaten) Twice Shy

What is all this fuss about being beaten(bitten) then one becomes twice shy? Let us go on an expository drive and get to understand it better.

Why is it that once one fails in a certain endeavour he/she is more or less reluctant to undertake it a second time? Why is it also that once you fail in your tasks you are more or less disoriented and feel as if the whole world is laughing at you and thus against you?

Is this the real nature of creation or does it just happen to a few. Actually this is all what that encompasses life since if there were no challenges then this life would not be worth living since there would be contentious issue to look forward to.

Besides, if all was not challenging then there would have been no need for innovativeness and subsequently invention since once one is bitten/beaten whichever it is; they all try all ways and means to get even with the previous hurdle.

Furthermore, someone said that winners are losers who never quit though they were downtrodden they never gave up. Though they were despised they never allowed their adversaries to have the last laugh. Though they were laughed at or even mocked they never gave in but they simply stood their ground and proved what they were made of.

By the way the beating really makes people humane since if there was no check and balance in nature then believe you me that humans would have been so big headed since there is no punishment after all. This thus ends up justifying the fact that no man can live as an island. Since no one wants to be the laughing stock at any one time.

This is thus in overall a good check and balance for humanity since it checks the extremes of humane norms and enables create a level playing field for all.WHY? Because once an individual decides that they are in a class of their own they are often taken to a very high level where literally the whole world can see them and then they are brought slumping down to the ground.

Thus they are eventually brought back to the same level ground as their colleagues. Thus be very cautious when under the sun since you can not get away with everything at the expense of the others since there is always a mechanism that will catch up with you.

On the contrary it enables one to device ways and means of overcoming previous beatings and hence helps in pushing the world forward since we all use ways and means at our disposal to fight back thus we develop and use our talents and abilities for the unique purposes for which they were meant.

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