The Black Gold

by Salifu Ablie Jallow
(Wellingara, The Gambia)

Powerless man solely depending on his intellectual mind
Claiming rulers of the earth so they are known to be mankind
Created so humble a nature not that they are meant to stay behind
But to properly use the endowed wisdom to lead the creation line
So please take what is yours and give me what is rightfully mine
The Black Gold must have to glitter under the bright sunshine
His mighty eloquence challenges intelligence
Cautiously thinking in the midst of negligence
Protecting his own kinds from this pestilence
Believing in something that one and all are feeling
Divine love is life's only pure and true meaning
Wrap your heart with it if you want to be winning
Else you loose and would be balefully sinning
On the lands of love descends this blessing from above
Keeping the souls of her population as humble as a dove
Giving and receiving knowing the best life is living in love
And love life is for us to learn to care and share the love
Costing nothing and worth more than everything
The power of creation and chosen way of inspiring
Acknowledging to the fullest the blessings of the King
Songs of thanks and praises thou shall be singing
In the Name of the God of gods will be the rejoicing
Proud of thy King the King of all kings
God and Creator of the Black Gold
Spiritually cometh to this world in the cloth of blood
The offspring of the spirit of the moulded black mud
Ordained to teach and preach the Divine Word of God
But all that most of thee want is to get the Black Gold
Because thy heart desire is to be someone big and bold
Thee compel to make thy own the strong to have hold
But know for thee never shall all 'tis be under one fold
For it's truly revealed clearly and has already been told

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