Thrilling: Own business with SBI

by Nicholas
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.)

I have been an ardent recipient of your newsletter for over a year or so.

I did go through the E-BOOKS on SBI'S sometime around December 2007 after reading from your recommendation: of course on your newsletter.

I feel its a brilliant idea seems vague for anyone who wants it easy, but I think if I see the big picture it could turn out into a good modern business venture.

Now to my question. Am currently in the working in the optical line in a relatively big company in South East Asia.

So among the big 3 of SBI its to create a product that sells. I would like to sell optical information to most of my patients/Customers. Being in retail I meet countless customers we engage in many useful chats ...but once I've delivered their needs i.e. Spectacles, contact lens ,ophthalmic lenses, repairs that's always almost the end of our encounter.

I would like to create a website at first just dedicated to my retail outlet, where I could inform my customers on our latest promotions, maybe update on their eye test due date, sometimes I could just email them records of their prescriptions, or they could voice complaints over our optical services know sort of a thing.

My theory is to create the product, in which case the optical information and among others the services I just mentioned.

Well Joe, you get my drift of ideas ...and they are very practical. So the idea is born, the product comes out of something reasonable..or lets say what next...

What would you advice me to do I start ...what kind of hosting do I need to take? How do I go about creating a website?

Will appreciate any tips Joe. As a matter of fact I love your SBI (PRODUCT) that was ingenious Joe.



You have great ideas Nick. All you need is to buy SBI (contact me if you want to do that) and build your content based site.

You have good ideas that do not need a lot of comments. You could educate your customers about eye care, different types of lenses, new products and other information related to your niche.

There is so much you can do with such a website. Folks from far away places would also be able to find you easily and even buy your product.

You could also find a way of selling new products to your old customers whom you would otherwise not have reached was it not for your newsletter.

SBI makes it easy for you to just type and upload info, just like you did with this form or like you do with email.

Email me and lets get to the next level! I like your zeal and passion!


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