University Life, Hell on Earth

by Eileen Wakesho

Every focussed student desires nothing less than university life, after all life without a degree or so is not fit in this world of today.

Many Kenyans move to neighbouring countries in search for affordable education since higher education has become unaffordable in Kenya. Research has it that a high percentage of Kenyans are in Uganda in efforts to further there education.

What happens in many institution of higher learning in Uganda is a nightmare that many parents will not wish to hear of.

Like caged animals who have just been released, many maximize the freedom of being far away from parents and guardians to a extent of forgetting what brought them all the way to a foreign country. Drinking, drug trafficking and immorality has become the order of the day in most of the institutions.

If only students will take into account what parents undergo in effort to educate us to the university level, campus life will be a different story. Lets stand and say NO to such bad habits and make campus life home, away from home.

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